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Villa Machiavelli

The historic residence where the apartment is located is in Fiesole, just a few kilometres away from Florence’s city centre. The villa’s position represents without a doubt one of the quality of the real estate. From the fourteenth-Century, Fiesole is considered one of the exclusive suburb of Florence and remains today the richest City Council of the whole Tuscany where very important celebrities live.

Technical information

  • Year


  • Location

    Fiesole (FI)

  • Designer

    Studio MAM

the building

The district overlooks Florence’s cathedral and historic centre looking south, the countryside and the vineyard pointing north. The apartment, located at the ground floor, makes part of a residential villa which access is granted by a big gate and a typical cypress lane.

Villa Machiavelli, dating back to sixteenth-Century, once belonged to the Machiavelli family and it’s therefore recognized as a very important historic dwelling.

The apartment’s ground floor is about 340 m² with an attached wonderful private garden which is accessible through a suggestive vaulted and frescoed hall of about 80 m². The living area is on the left of a big reception hall with a wide kitchen and a big dining room with period-style décor. The sleeping area is on the right side of the hall and it’s made up of three bedrooms, each one with a private bathroom and dressing room.

The guest room, besides of being provided with a private bathroom, is also equipped with a mezzanine and a relax area.Through an apartment internal staircase, as well as condominium elevator, it’s possible to access the basement and the private garage. The basement of about 140 m² holds some service rooms such as the laundry, the pantry as well as a spectacular wellness area with an indoor swimming pool, a sauna, a steam bath and a fitness area.

Exteriors and garden
The apartment has several condominium spaces and also a beautiful private garden of about 1500m² provided with a characteristic romantic style turret overlooking the surroundings hills.

Villa Machiavelli in numbers


Floor number

Apartments and basement with swimming pool


House with Spa

Basement, First floor, Tower


External space

Private garden, romantic tower





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