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Via della Gora

Located in Via della Gora, in the municipality of Sesto Fiorentino, towards Florence. Sheltered from the railway line, the new complex will overlook green and residential areas. The intervention is part of an urban restructuring process that involves the demolition of industrial buildings from the 1960s, now in disuse, set in a purely residential system with a high population density, as well as the subsequent reconstruction of two new buildings converted to a residential function. The project involves the construction of public works to complete the intervention, such as a parking lot and the arrangement of a small garden, both with access from Via della Gora.

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    Sesto Fiorentino


The project proposal provides for the construction of two residential buildings in line, with body A accessible from via della Gora while access to building B will take place from the internal condominium space. A green area is expected to connect with the public area behind it. It will also consist of a portion accessible only by the owners, bordered by walls and fences, with a large central green space, private parking on the south side, a space of respect on the eastern border. The two buildings each have a ground floor used as a garage reserved for condominiums and 5 residential floors capable of hosting 40 apartments each, with balcony, with an average area of ​​62 square meters, disengaged by 2 stairwells. A large communal garden is planned in the space between the two buildings, with trees of various species along the perimeter and lawn. Rows of lime and maple trees will be inserted along via della Gora placed in flowerbeds in the private area.



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