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Santa Maria Novella

The Santa Maria Novella’s commercial gallery is located a few minutes from the most important monuments and artistic heritage of our history. With its unique and impressive architecture, the Firenze Santa Maria Novella station is not just a place of passage, but a real monument to visit and in which to spend part of the day amidst history, art and a wide range of shops and services. to the visitors who cross it.

Easily reachable by the main means of transport, it is located in the very heart of the city, for decades it has been the gateway to the Unesco historic center for those arriving from the SMN station and taking their first steps in Florence through it.

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    Fpa Fantappiè Pagnano Architetti


Dozen shops and dining options that merge into a single commercial continuity with the shops in the station galleries and with those in Via De’Panzani.

The galleries that allow you to connect to the most important points of access to the Unesco historic center are equipped with advertising panels that accompany the path throughout its development. Large video walls offer future-oriented communication, rich in advertising and cultural content, in a dynamic and contemporary mix.

A living room in continuity with the SMN station: walking through the tunnel will no longer have the only meaning of crossing from one place to another in the city, but will have the virtue of aggregation, being together and sharing.

Thanks to a contemporary approach in the choice of materials, the right spatiality, cutting-edge plant choices capable of guaranteeing perfect comfort at all times of the year, the project brings the SMN shopping gallery back to being one of the protagonists of the Old Town.

The SMN shopping mall is a candidate to become the real entrance and exit gate to the UNESCO historic center, where the commercial spaces take on the role not only of responding to needs related to the purchase of goods, but also and above all become the ticket to visit for those arriving or leaving. Unique commercial spaces, in terms of value and position, which run parallel to the life of the city, constituting an alternative for spending time dedicated to shopping in peace.

The project envisages a major re-evaluation of the plant engineering sector, which will ensure a comfort capable of welcoming visitors in a real urban living room. The flexibility adopted in the design phase will allow for different cuts in terms of quadrature, allowing different brands to adapt their set-up according to specific space requirements.



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