Via Lorenzo il Magnifico, 96
50129 Toscana - (IT)
Viale Umberto Tupini, 103
00144 Roma - (IT)
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Palazzo Libertà

The Palace, from its own stylish point of view, is visually divided into two parts. The lower part facing Piazza della Libertà is aligned by beautiful arches, while the remaining part of the building is separated by a large molding full of decorative elements. The arcs are held upon majestic Doric-style stone columns which stand lordly over individual, strong base blocks that assist in creating imposing arcades.

Technical information

  • Year


  • Location

    Piazza della Liberta (FI)

  • Designer

    Arch. Rosanna De Benedictis

the building

The beautiful facade facing Via San Gallo is coated with rectangular grey stones all the way up to the first floor. These same elements are found in the corners of the building characterizing the edges and embellishing the entire structure. The openings on the ground floor on both sides of the building have a regular, constant shape. On the first floor facing Piazza della Libertà the windows are topped with upper arcs, while the remaining windows on the second floor are characterized by pilasters and stone frames.

The window frames are made out of original wood and are equipped with wooden shutters that slide within the walls hiding themselves when opening. Internally, the front of the building facing the courtyard is characterized by long terraces that are closed with wooden windows that protect one from the rain. Part of the building has a large terrace overlooking the Piazza from one side and the historical Duomo from the other. Inside the building, the artistic decorations and frescoes from the end of the 19th century, embellish the large and tall 18 feet rooms. On the ground floor, where there were once craft shops, today are restored and kept for commercial space, in addition to the building’s majestic entrance hall. The various floors can be reached by elevator from which one has access to the units. Many of these units have small terraces that face the rooftops of the historical part of Florence including the Duomo.

Palazzo Libertà in numbers


Commercial funds, offices and houses

Ground floor



First, second and third floor, Attic


Windowed wine cellar and warehouses






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